Embroidery is great choice for creating professional uniforms or for personalizing garments for clubs or organizations. Embroidery can also be great for creating custom patches or emblem badges.

3-D / Puff

3-D puff gives a three dimensional to caps, and hats. This process can really take a project to the next level.

Tack and Twill

Tackle Twill can fill up large areas of your design with less cost than direct embroidery.  It is often used for athletic uniforms and apparel.  Some designs can utilize tackle twill effectively while others cannot. We can help you determine whether your design will be a candidate to use tackle twill.


 Appliqué looks great on finished garments and towels.  is a technique in which pieces of fabric are sewn onto a foundation piece of fabric to create designs.

Specialty Threads

We offer a full selection of specialty threads from metallics to glow in the darks.

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